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Ford Ranger Endeavor ID8C Pin Reading by Xhorse Mini OBD Tool

Xhorse Mini OBD Tool successfully read password on a Ford Ranger Endeavor ID8C with smartphone.   Main steps to read password (8C): 1.Input VIN 2.Display password   The steps: Plug the Mini OBD tool to the vehicle’s OBD port, and connect to smartphone via Bluetooth Insert the original key into the ignition switch and turn […]

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How to Fix VVDI Mini OBD Tool Failed to Update Firmware

Problem: When I want to update Mini OBD tool firmware with VVDI Key Tool Max. It prompts “Request failed, please retry later” as below Solution: Please update by upgrade kit on computer Step 1: Use the USB cable to connect the Mini OBD Tool to the computer Note: Don’t turn off the software or unplug the […]

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VVDI Mini OBD Tool Update Guide

Vvdi mini OBD tool update is done via key tool max upgrade. You need Xhorse Keytool Upgrade Kit which is Installed on your PC with the Internet connection online. >>connect white USB cable provided on Mini OBD Dongle to PC USB. Just follow on pop-up screen instruction. This stage do not switch ON your VVDI Key Tool Max. The […]

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