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VVDI Prog Wiring Diagram Updated: BMW X5, MB C200 W205 W221, AUDI BCM, Kia/Hyundai

(31-07-2018) VVDI Prog Version 4.7.2 adds new wiring pinouts must be noticed by all technicians regardless to speciality’s AUDI-NEW-BCM with Mask Set 0N69H HYUNDAI-KIA-STEERING LOCK Module with MB91F037 BENZ-W205-CHASSIS-SEATS-MODULE 2015 BENZ-W205-FRONT-SAM-2014 BENZ-W221-FRONT-GATEWAY-CONTROLLER BMW-X5-E70-TAIL-DOOR-COMPUTER BMW-F-CHASSIS-FUEL-PUMP Module   VVDI Porg v4.7.2 new wiring diagram download link: https://mega.nz/#!wU8QGSZS!tq863V7EgN09vChDyC1AREEqFPbMiBKQfd8PAy97ZTc

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