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How to use VVDI Prog AM29FXXXB TB28FXXX MC68HC05X32 adapter

VVDI Prog 4.6.5 comes with new adapters – AM29F200BB-xxE, AM29F200BB-xxF, AM29F200BB-xxS.etc in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><AMD> (Need AM29FXXXB ADAPTER).   in details… look here   1.VVDI Prog AM29FXXXB Adapter:   options in <1-EEPROM&FLASH>-><AMD> (Need AM29FXXXB ADAPTER) Add AM29F200BB-xxE, AM29F200BB-xxF, AM29F200BB-xxS, AM29F200BT-xxE, AM29F200BT-xxF, AM29F200BT-xxS, AM29F400BB-xxE, AM29F400BB-xxF, AM29F400BB-xxS, AM29F400BT-xxE, AM29F400BT-xxF, AM29F400BT-xxS, AM29F800BB-xxE, AM29F800BB-xxF, AM29F800BB-xxS, AM29F800BT-xxE, AM29F800BT-xxF, AM29F800BT-xxS, AM29F160BBxxE, AM29F160BBxxF AM29F160BTxxE, AM29F160BTxxF   2.VVDI Prog TB28FXXX Adapter […]

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