VVDI BMW Tool Software V1.6.5 Free Download


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Free download the newest VVDI BMW Tool software V1.6.5 for VVDI BIMTool Pro and  VVDI BMW Tool.

1.VVDI BMW Tool V1.6.5 free download link:


2.V1.6.5 VVDI BMW software update info:

*** 2020-12-08

*** VVDI BMW Tool requires firmware V1.4.7

VVDI BIMTOOL Pro requires firmware V1.4.1

===== BMW V1.6.5 =====

  1. Bugfix for prepare dealer key for CAS4 via EEPROM dump
  2. Improvement for E/F/G series programming and coding
  3. Bugfix

V1.6.3 VVDI BMW software is same as V1.6.5.

The reason to release BMW V1.6.5 is to fix the following problem of V1.6.3.

-It may cause the device connection failure when install V1.6.3 on the computer with a small memory.

Good to know:

VVDI BMW Tool is out of stock. If you have an old one and want to enjoy the new function of VVDI BIMTool Pro like BMW ECU programming, directly read ISN data without disassembling the ECU (N13/N20/N55/N63), you can get a new VVDI BIMtool Pro via the following method.

->>Please send us your VVDI BMW Tool SN, and contact us online to get address to ship full set back. After we receive old VVDI BIM Tool,we will send new vvdi bim tool pro.
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