VVDI Key Tool Max+ Autel IM508 Program SUZUKI CIAZ 2019 Remote

VVDI Key Tool Max

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It’s tested ok that SUZUKI Ciaz 2019 can generate remote key by Xhorse VVDI key tool Max and program remote with Autel MaxiIM IM508.

Car: SUZUKI CIAZ year 2019 (chip: 47 433 MHZ)

Two keys: one original working key+ one VVDI smart remote

Devices: VVDI key tool max + Autel MaxiIM IM508 key programmer


Step 1: Generate remote with VVDI key tool max

Step 2: Program chip: 47 with Autel IM508

In detail…

Step 1: Generate remote with VVDI key tool max

Select vehicle remote-> Suzuki-> Ciaz-> Suzuki_white 16_CIAZ ID47 433 1386

Put the remote into key tool max coil and press [Generate remote] at the bottom right of screen

It takes a little time to generate remote

Burn success!

Step 2: Program chip: 47 with Autel IM508

Take out the remote key from coil

Connect Autel IM508 device to vehicle

Select IMMO

Turn on the ignition switch

Tap VIN-> Auto detect

Now VIN number comes out with SUZUKI menu

Select Manual Selection-> Other-> Ciaz-> Immobilizer (CAN/KWP)

Establishing vehicle communication…

Tap Immobilizer remote control learning

Press switch Hazard on

Turn switch ignition on

Note: When doing all keys lost, if cannot switch ignition on, you can try the immobilizer box wire short-circuit

Select Key learning

After the function is carried out, all keys will be cleared. These keys cannot be used unless they are learned again. If this function is required, please get all keys ready.

Calculate 8 digit pincode through networking, and press [YES]

Switch on with keys that need to be matched:

-smart key: Place the smart key which need to match on the push start button (key logo facing push start button)

-Knob type smart key: Slot the mechanical key on the ignition cylinder and place the smart card on the knob switch.

Learn the key 1 success

Turn on with next key

Learn the key 2 success

Complete learning keys

Finally, test the remote key successfully

Available link to get original Xhorse VVDI key tool Max: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vvdi-key-tool-max.html


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