VVDI Key Tool Max Generate Remote Clone Chip for Toyota VIOS 2017

VVDI Key Tool Max

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How to: Generate remote and clone chip on a 2017 Toyota VIOS by VVDI Key Tool Max.

Car: Toyota VIOS 2017 (Thailand)

Chip: Toyota G (72) 4D

Device: Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

This remote is B71TA Thailand 433Mhz


1.Clone chip:

Select Transponder clone-> Read transponder

Put the working key to key tool max coil and press [Start clone]

Read the working key data success, then put the VVDI super chip XT27 and wait for the data to be written

Clone success

Use the new key to start the car to check if can start normally

2.Generate remote:

Back to main menu

Select Vehicle Remote-> Toyota-> Vios Thailand-> B71TA Thailand 1408 433.92 ASK

Connect VVDI remote with cable

Generate remote

Burn success

Put the battery and install into the remote case

3.Program Remote:

Open driver door

Insert key and pull out 2 times

Close and open driver door 2 times

Insert and pull out key 1 time

Then close and open driver door 2 times

Turn switch on then turn off and pull the key out

Driver door cycle lock then unlock

Press Lock and Unlock together 2sec then release

Driver door will cycle lock then unlock 1 time

Test remote success


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