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When I open Xhorse APP and switch to KEYTOOL MAX interface, I find the system prompts there is new version that needs to be updated for my VVDI Key Tool Max. When I click “Update” and enter the related interface, I can see the local version of firmware is V1.3.1, and the server version is V1.3.2. So I tap the option and click “Update”. At this time, there is an error displays on the screen “Sorry, program is exception and will quit” is shown as below. Why is this happening? Please help!

Some friends who have encountered the same problem have given their answers.

@Piotr Frątczak:

You need to do factory reset. And then update firmware before app. Done today all working fine…

@ Rimantas Zailskas:

New app version 1.3.9 released today without bugs – all updates installed successfully!

@Dennis Leufkens:

I did mine about 10 hours ago, updated just fine.

@Melvin Lucas:

New update OK.

@Towfieq Losper:

Mine too just yesterday, now back to normal.

Xhorsetool.com engineer replied:

The Xhorse’s engineer has tested the program in the background, and you can try to update with the new version is released.

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