VVDI Key Tool Plus Generate 2015 BMW 740Li CAS4 Key

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2015 BMW 740Li F Chassis CAS4 add new key using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus. Not unlock but read the DFLASH info along with the PFLASH.


Step 1: read original CAS4 DFLASH and PFLASH data

Use the screwdriver to dismantle the CAS from the car

Then go to get everything set up

Take out the 1N35H PCB from CAS4 with a plastic pry tool

Check all pins are good

Connect the Xhorse XDNP12 Solder Free adapter, chip and VVDI Key Tool Plus

Go to CAS4+ (IN35H)- backup interface to read DFLASH and PFLASH data in sequence

Make sure the connection diagram is correct

Read DFLASH firstly

It starts to detect the connection, configure the chip, crack and read.

Read DFLASH data successfully

Save it with a new filename

Next go to read PFLASH and save the original data


Step 2: Generate key with EEPROM

Use the CAS4/CAS4+ test platform

It’s gonna be connected to the VVDI Key Tool Plus PAD

Automatically diagnose models

Generate keys via EEPROM

Put the key into the key tool plus hole to make dealer key

Select the system type- CAS4+ (5M48H/1N35H)

Load the EEPORM dump file

Select the file which was backup with DFLASH

Select the key to be generated

Have a working key, so select the related item and insert working key to programmer and continue

Read data successfully

Take a picture of this result because the ISL us at the bottom, very important and crucial when you’re doing these type of cars

Prepare dealer key needs about 30 seconds. The window maybe false dead, wait for the end.

Input the new key to programmer then continue to start programming

Key written successfully

Don’t need to write it back into the EEPROM.

Go to check this key works or not.

Turn off the dash light, that’ll be off, nothing turn on.

Put the new key into the slot to learn

Press the button on the test platform three times

Then put everything back into the car

After that, go to cut this key with xhorse key cutting machine

Finally, test the original key and new key, both work good.





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