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Tutorial: Generate and program smart remote for Toyota 2110 PCB Board Number using Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus and VVDI smart remote.

This one is original remote, use it to test the frequency firstly.

Enter “remote clone” -> “test frequency”

Put the working key into the coil of key tool plus to test

The first result is 314.35MHZ, and the second data is 315.10 MHZ. It’s double frequency smart card.

Next, back to the main menu and enter “Vehicle remote”

Select “Asia”-> “Toyota”-> “All remote”-> “2110 & exactly frequency, 314,35Mhz/315.10 Mhz”

Then put the VVDI smart remote into the induction coil of key tool plus and start to generate remote

Note: It will cost 200 VVDI points to generate TOYOTA 8A smart card

Just confirm the prompt and continue to generate. You also need to make sure WIFI connection is ok during the procedure.

Generating is successful and also gets the points

Then, we need to program IMMO.

Back to main menu and select “IMMO”-> “ASIA”-> “TOYOTA” -> “Smart card-type 3, 8A smart card”-> click “Start”

Click “Adding key” and then turn on the engine. It will show the key number is used and unused.

Use the original smart card to touch engine and finish it within 30 seconds.

When hear “beep”, click “Yes” on the tablet screen

Then use the VVDI remote touch to touch engine and finish it within 30 seconds.

Beep twice and click “Yes”

The new key is programmed successfully, and the key number also changes at the same time.

Finally, use the key we just added to start the car and test remote.


Note: VVDI Smart Remote for Toyota will released soon in the future.

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