VVDI Key Tool Plus OBD add new remote Mercedes Spinter W906 2010

VVDI Key Tool

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Have Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus to add new remote for Mercedes Spinter W906 2010 via OBD.

Connect cable to OBD2 Port.

Tap “Immo Programming ->European -> Benz -> Automatically diagnostic models -> Start programming.

There is 1 time for free calculation.

Tap “Process Wizard mode”.

Press “Begin” to learn the procedure on the screen.

Press “Yes” to confirm the current type is W906.

It will show the basic EIS information and keys, click on “Save EIS file”.

Key adding select [Yes] All key lost select [No].

Insert working key into EIS before press [OK].

Take working key out of EIS before press [OK].

Insert working key into EIS then press [OK].

Insert working key to device IR reader before press OK.

Data Acquisition time around 5 minutes.

After waiting for 5 minutes, Insert working key into EIS before press [OK].

Wait 30 seconds, ELV move that mean this key now personalized.

Insert “working key” to “Device IR reader” before press OK.

Click on [OK] to save collection data.

Acquision finished, upload the saved data with “Upload data” for password.

Upload success…

Calculating requires 50 seconds.

Please make sure internet signal is stable.

Finally got password.

This password has beedn copied to clipboard. It can use directly.

Click [OK] to load EIS file with password.

Choose last file that saved.

Check if the file is correct.

Please confirm key password.

Choose Type V51.

Prepare Key File requires 30 seconds.

Click [Ok] to select the path to save the file.

Preparing key files.

Key File generation completed.

Click [OK] to load the key file to be written.

Key 1 and 2 are used, then choose Key3 to open.

Please insert the new VVDI BE key into the infared antenna of the key tool plus.

Write data, please wait…

Write key success. If key is smart key (BE), please install battery and wait 1 minute before learn key to car! (The key LCD will flashing during this time)!

Insert writen key into EIS to activate.

ELV move to confirm activated.

New key can start now.

Also, test remote ok.

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