VVDI Key Tool Plus Unlock Nissan Micra Smart Key No Issues!

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Used Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to unlock Nissan Micra smart key, it worked like a charm!

It’s Nissan smart key.

Open the key shell and take out the PCB

Connect the PCB with Key Tool Plus properly with the professional cable

Put it into the keyhole of Xhorse Tablet

Select “Transponder Clone” on the VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad main menu

Click “Read Transponder”

Read out the transponder info

It’s a 46 transponder (PCF7952) and already locked.

Back to the main menu and select “Special Function”

Tap “Remote Renew”-> “Nissan”-> “Hitag2 Smartkey FCCID- CWTWB1U825 2BTN”

You can see the correct connection diagram.

Click “Unlock” to continue

Unlock the key successfully

Disconnect the wiring cable and make sure the key PCB is put into the keytool plus coil properly

Then read transponder again

Now the transponder state is “Already locked”.

Awesome! Xhorse Key Tool Pad can successfully unlock Nissan Micra Smart Key!


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