VVDI Keytool can clone VOLVO remote?

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Here are questions and answers, about that it’s possible to clone a Volvo remote with Vvdi Key Tool

Nicolas: Do you have volvo remotes for sale? Or its only for used remotes?

VVDI Keytool Tech Support: which volvo key do you need? just like the pic you sent? If you do not mind the outlook, you can check xhorse universal remote.

Nicolas: But how I clone or program the keyless entry? Chip is id48

VVDI Keytool Tech Support: if you have id48 96bit authorization,you can use vvdi key tool do id48 clone.

Nicolas: I dont have it. how much is it?

VVDI Keytool Tech Support:You’d better go to to check it here: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/token-for-xhorse-vvdi2-key-programmer-and-vvdi-key-tool.html

Nicolas: Almost same value as the vvdi tool, but its useful…

VVDI Keytool Tech Support: Very useful. This is a video: VVDI Keytool unlock a VOLVO remote

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