VVDI Keytool unlocks 5-button Nissan remote – Possible?

VVDI Key Tool

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Want to unlock this 5 button Nissan which is a 2 c 3 2 8 0 0 8 0 0 diagram shows for button but mine’s a five button will it still work

Just did one 2 days ago, it was 5 btn.
5 button is listed. It seemed to work. (Was resetting it for stock, no customer waiting). I got the remunlocker cable for my key tool and an adapter cable. (Transponder island has both) Worked great. It was the first ever use of the cable. It took about 7 tries, Iā€™m new at flashing. The remunlocker cable has probes that will go through the clear coat over the resistors.

(Credits to Matthew L Levine)

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