VVDI MB TOOL repairs W204/207/212 ESL/ELV when NEC is broken


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Here is how to use VVDI MB TOOL to repair Mercedes W204/207/212 ESL/ELV when NEC broken (same way as CGDI MB)
Benz W204 ESL/ELV NEC chip using VVDI MB or CGDI MB for adaptation no need renew EIS!!!

Step 1 : replace with ?our new nec chip
Step 2: assemble back ESL
Step 3: read EIS data and save
Step 4: renew ESL and the erase password is all 1
Step 5: load eis data and password,tick auto clear tp and personalise and press write
Step 6: job is done !
No need for EIS renew!!!
No need to wait hours for disabled NEC chip to renew !!!

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