How to get VVDI MB Unlimited Tokens for Password Calculation


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Purpose:  VVDI MB Tool calculate password without token limitation.

Date: Since Nov. 2017

Where: offers 1-Year & No-Token-Limitation for VVDI MB BGA Tool Password Calculation.

Price: 450 usd/year


Security: No soldering, safe method.

Time: Data acquisition time depends on the key version. It needs about 3.5 – 13 minutes (BGA version need about 5 minutes, some versions only need 3.5 minutes)

Calculate time in server: 30 seconds – 1 minute

Key: Support BGA keys and other NEC keys, NEC v51, v57 keys.



W164 2009-

W166, 197, 212, 218, 246

W169, 209, 211

W172, 204, 207



W639 2009-

W204 W212 W221:


VVDI Mercedes Password Calculation:


Step 1: select communication mode and chassis

Mode: OBD and IR adaptor, mode use for communicate with EIS

Chassis: Select chassis number, you can detect it with auto detect in EIS Tools


Step 2: press “Data Acquisition” to start with the following steps

1) Insert working key to ignition, waiting 15 seconds

2) Insert working key to device IR reader, verify key and car

3) Data acquisition

4) Insert working key to ignition, waiting 30 seconds

5) Insert working key to device IR reader, wait end…

6) Save acquisition data


Step 3: press “Upload Data” to send acquisition data

Upload saved acquisition data to server for calculate password.

Note: Once success calculate password for one SSID, the server will not accept calculate the acquisition data with same SSID in 2 hours. After 2 hours,
acquisition data with same SSID upload to server will start with a new task


Step 4: press “Query result” to get result – key password

Query result support query calculation result in 24 hours, others don’t support Query result will display Time, SSID, Status, Filename (name when upload to server)

Status has the following types:

1) Queuing: number x, require about y minutes, means your task need y minutes

2) Processing: requires 1 minutes, means your task need 1 minute to finish

3) Password: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx (Free), means success find password, “Free” show this task is calculated for free or this task already success calculated before

4) Discard: Once you success calculate the password, in 2 hours, the upload acquisition data with same SSID will discard

5) Already upload: means the server already have this file in queuing

6) Pay for password calculation before upload: means your device doesn’t have authorize for calculation. Contact your dealer and pay for password calculation

7) Failed: means this task failed to get password, you can run data acquisition again.Failed task is always free


Query result: Query server calculation result. The password will fill in key password area automatically after success calculation. Use “Copy” copy password to clipboard


Auto reflash: Program will auto re-flash server result until there’s no task for this device.You can start data acquisition once more while auto reflash starting


Stop acquisite after success: If you are run data acquisition while auto reflash running,program will stop the acquisition progress when find correct password


VVDI MB Password Calculation FAQS:

About token usage

Q: How about token, they will be deducted for each calculation, or only for special function as for BGA calculation?
I mean simply operation as calculating keys for older type of EIS are free or need tokens for this too?For EVL repair, ECU renews takes tokens too?

A: Tokens will be deducted for each calculation


Q: How to get FREE tokens for password calculation?

A: Free tokens only for those with Condor key cutting machines (condor xc 007, xc-mini, xc-200)

Note: For users with Condor machine, everyday you can get one free token for calculating password.



Q: Where to see vvdi mb tokens ready for use?

A: After successfully add tokens, start your vvdi mb software, and click on “Password Calculation”. The token number will be displayed. Now,it shows 0 times for calculation.If successfully add,it will display the tokens you pay.

Q: Any more info of password calculation and mercedes key programming?

A: Password calculation support working key mode and lost all key mode.
Password calculation – working key: can get key password through EIS and
working key (online)
CAN protocol EIS all support password calculation
Support BGA keys and other NEC keys
Support calculate password for NEC v51, v57 keys. No soldering, safe method.
Data acquisition time depends on the key version. It needs about 3.5 – 13 minutes
BGA version need about 5 minutes, some versions only need 3.5 minutes
Calculate time in server: 30 seconds – 1 minute
Password calculation – lost all key: support W166, W212, W246, W212(old with ELV)
EIS for password calculation while lost all working key
Lost all key data acquisition time depends on EIS type, It needs about 3.5-8 minutes
Lost all key calculate time in server: 30 seconds – 1 minute


About EIS reading methods

Q: This BGA tool is included device programmer, or is necessary to cooperatre with other tool ( xprog, upa, or i as saw a xhorse device programmer) and import a eeprom file to calculate and program keys? ( so by the EIS where can´t be read info through K-line or IR way.

A: CAN line EIS support online calculation directly,if K line with motorola EIS type support load eeprom to prepare key file(read by other programmer);  online calculation cannot support K line EIS,exactly support list refer to User Manual please


About vvdi mb tool reading data
Q: by reading trough K-line or IR way Xhorse tool read and write full contents of EIS eeprom , or only part with Hashcodes, …). Can be the dump save as bin for future use?

A: Vvdi mb can read and write key via IR mode, but not full contents of EIS eeprom

Read Write Key support read key basic information, write key file, renew/write NEC key(Support Keyless Go). BE keys can read password directly via IR, renew BE key, write new key file to BE key

NEC adaptor support v51, v57 key password


About IR mode

– Identification key: Support read key basic information: SSID, counter, remain times, use times, key number, status, version, mark values etc

– BE key: Key version is BE, support read password and key eeprom stored in BE key,write new key file to make a working key, renew used BE key to new one etc

If working key is BE version, you can read password from key directly, no need read password from EIS

– NEC&BGA Keys: Write key file to new original keys or erased keys via IR

– Write mark values: Only BE key support, you can write information for yourself

– Copy key password: You can copy the password to clipboard after success read key password

– Repair key via IR: When identification key, you can only get SSID, Status, Version, then you can repair this key via IR


About keys saving

Q: by calculating keys , this calculate all possible keys and can be saved or only one?

A: 8 position keys with different format

About calculated dump 

Q: can i import to xhorse calculated dump for the keys (for example from SKC calc) to program new key or toolsupport only self calculating.

A: if you get password successfully,even other device get still support prepare key file on VVDI MB TOOL



About VVDI MB tool repairing nec
Q: Repair NEC in ESL – have you any experience how it work?
This repair take a tokens too?

A: if you get password successfully,even other device get still support prepare key file on VVDI MB TOOL


only online calculation for getting key password need tokens,other functions all free.such as get erase password, renew ECU/ISM/Gearbox



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