VVDI Mini Key Tool Renew (Unlock) BMW F Series 868MHz Continental

VVDI Mini Key Tool

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Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool successfully renews BMW F Series 868MHz Continental with Xhorse Remote Renew Soldering Cable.

  1. Read transponder

Put the transponder into coil position of Mini Key Tool

Tap Transponder Clone to detect

The transponder read out is BMW F series 868 MHz CAS4+ (EWS5) PCF7945P

The status is ‘Already locked’.

  1. Renew remote

Dismantle the BMW transponder

Connect VVDI Mini Key Tool and BMW chip with the professional remote renew soldering cable according to the connection diagram in the Xhorse APP

Go to Special Function

Tap Remote Renew>> BMW>> 5WK49661 F Series 868MHz Continental>> Unlock

Renew (unlock) success

  1. Check transponder

Back to the main menu and select Transponder Clone to read again

Now the transponder status read out is Unlocked.

It means that the BMW F series 868 MHz Continental remote has been renewed by VVDI Mini Key Tool successfully.


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