VVDI2 6.6.1 test report: OBD make BMW dealer key

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

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This is a test report which shows CAS4 OBD ability on VVDI2 6.6.1:

Step 1: read key info

Step 2: pre-process cas4/ca4+

Step 3: obd make a dealer key

Step 4: key learn

Step 4: test the new key

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go to vvdi2 transponder bmw program

read  key info

the key info is displayed

you need pre-process cas4 if making a dealer key or do odometer correction

you dont need to pre-process cas if with disabled key enabled

pre-process cas4/cas4+

updating data… do not press any button on the car

read key info again

now you can make a dealer key or change km thru obd in the vvdi2 main interface


make a dealer key with ignition switch

pls choose key position

put a new key close to the ignition

key learning

key learning is successful

test the new key: working!





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