VVDI2 Tested Success KM – Audi A6 2014

Test successfully: VVDI2 basic corrects mileage to Audi A6 the 2014 year
95320 is at the back of the PCB.

Note that 4 flexs are connected to PCB.

The pcb slides right but must be slightly raised in the zone LEDs.

VVDI2 Change KM, what VAG vehicles can work?

(4th immobilizer UDS cluster enter 4th immobilizer for change KM, Kline cluster

enter Kline cluster and immobox change KM)

Supports following types:

1) CAN Instrument – A4(2009-)/A5/Q5

2) CAN Instrument – A6/Q7/Allroad (-2011)

3) CAN Instrument – A8 (2003-2011)

4) CAN Instrument – Touareg/Phaeton (2007-2010)

5) CAN Instrument – VW Touareg(2010-)/Audi A6(2012-),A7, A8(2011-)

6) CAN Instrument– VW Lavida(China)1.6, 2.0 (NEC+24C08)

7) K-Line Instrument– Touareg/Phaeton (-2007)

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