VVDI2 Remaining Synchronization Time Definition

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What does Xhorse VVDI2 “remaining synchronization time” refer to:

You will see the message – “remaining synchronization time: xx days” on the top of the VVDI2 interface

The number of days is from 30 to 0, display in a circle

The counting numerals in reverse order to 0

It means that the VVDI2 unit is synchronized with the Xhorse factory once per month (30 days)

When it turns to be “0 days”,  the VVDI2 will automatically synchronized with the Xhorse

Network connection is required to synchronization

Once synchronized, vvdi2 would get update information from the Xhorse server.  And “remaining synchronization time” will back to “30 days”

The days are NOT related to the use of authorization service such as

vvdi2 5th AUDI Authorization

vvdi2 BMW OBD Authorization

vvdi2 BMW CAS4 + Authorization

vvdi2 BMW FEM/BDC Authorization


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