VVDI2 VAG All Keys Lost Add New Key Success & Failure

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

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Here have collected some real customer feedback about what car can or cannot do all keys lost or add new key using VVDI2 key programmer.


2016 Audi A1 sline

id48 old system

All keys lost

Vag helper+ VVDI2

Worked perfectly

Audi A3 2009

All keys lost

All via obd

Nice and easy

Audi A3 2014 mqb 2nd key added

All straight forward

Aftermarket key

Audi A4 advant 2010

Immo 5 bcm

Aftermarket key

Add second key success

2010 Audi A5

Aftermarket key

Precoded and programmed with ease

2006 Audi A6

All keys lost

All via obd

Read ECU

Read kessy

Make dealer key

Remover fuse power up

Learn key

Job done

2010 Audi A6

Key unlock success

Load eeprom click unlock

Job done

Key now black can try again

2006 VW golf

All keys lost via obd


Super chip 

Xhorse remote

No vag helper

No need service mode!

Same as others:

Just have to select clock manually as the don’t auto detect

Alarm was none active

Read EEPROM save

Read immo save

Make dealer key

I select bottom option to use

Old key load super chip

2008 golf all keys lost

Micronas clocks

All done via obd

2015 VW golf MQB key with hu66 blade

Successfully done today

Aftermarket market remote key

Straight forward

VW golf plus 2017 mqb remote key with hu162 blade


Xhorse dophin

Xhorse remote

VW polo 2011

All keys lost

Used vag helper to get immo data file

Then vvdi2 to make and add key

All via obd

2007 Skoda Octavia

All keys lost via obd

Successfully done

Micronas clocks


Audi A3 year 2000

Failed to read pin

2010 Audi S5 coupe

Passed security

But failed to read bcm

2008 VW tourage

akl failed

With Vvdi2

Only reads 6 C’s codes no 7th via obd

Read pin yes ok via obd

So for all keys lost must remove kessy unit

Read EEPROM (so eeprom reader required)

Unless there is another way I missed

VW golf 2019

All keys not starting vehicle

After being in Micra wave

With vvdi 2 do all key lost

2011 seat exeo

Fail to read immo

To be continued…

Credit to@ VVDI2 helping each other.



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