VVDI2 VAG All Keys Lost, How to?

Xhorse VVDI2 Key Programmer

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YOU MUST READ IT before you wanna use Xhorse VVDI2 to program new  keys to VAG when all keys are lost.

Notes from VVDI2 User Manual

Hope it helps you.

Lost all keys is same with add key type:

NEC+95320, Motorola 9S12XHZ512(Golf6 MM7 – 2011), NEC+95320(Johnson Controls), NEC+95320(JCI – 2013 Bora/Jetta), Visteon, Audi A4 – Crypto RB4, Audi A4 – Crypto RB8 etc. Lost all key is same with add key with working key, no extra operation. Other login type have special procedure
OBD lost all keys:

All 4th immobilizer system can make a dealer key via OBDII directly. Don’t need BDM read cluster EEPROM, only require know PIN and 6 bytes CS. PIN and CS can read from Engine Control Unit function via OBDII. Detail can be found in Key Learn->Key Learn->OBD Lost All Key method
Service mode lost all keys:

Some login type cannot read immo data while lost all working key. Login type include (CDCxx+24C32, A3/TT/R8 (CDC32xx), NEC24C32, NEC24C64, NEC24C64(2012 TFT color display), NEC24C64(2013-), NEC24C64(2013 TFT color display), Audi A1, Audi Q3). This type can make dealer key with following steps:

1) Activate OBD communication by open dangerous light, press on the brakes for several times. Backup ABS coding, you can run backup function on bottom right corner, or enter diagnostics 03 ABS, backup abs coding
2) Find EEPROM chip from instrument, usually use 24C32 or 24C64 chip, read EEPROM dump with BDM programmer and save as original EEPROM dump
3) Enter “Service Mode”, load original EEPROM dump and prepare service EEPROM dump. Attention: DON’T overwrite the original EEPROM dump
4) Write service EEPROM dump to EEPROM chip (24C32 or 24C64)
5) Restore dashboard to car
6) Back to main window and select right login type
7) Load original EEPROM dump (IMPORTANT!!!)
8) Activate OBD communication by open dangerous light, press on the brakes for several times
9) Press “Write EEPROM” write original dump to dashboard via OBDII (IMPORTANT!!!)
10) After write success, read immo data and save (IMPORTANT!!!)
11) Make a new dealer key and add to immobilizer system
12) If car use keyless key, learn the dealer key with learn method (with immo data support)
13) Start engine with new dealer key, complete

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