VVDI2 & VVDI-Prog Review (Updated on 01-22-2018)

I’ve just got hold of VVDI2 & VVDI-Prog. I would like to put them through their paces, getting to know what they can & can’t do and generally get more experience using them testing the various features.
So… I thought it might be a good idea to first share experience myself.

2004 Suzuki Jimny:

The first job i did with this kit was actually a 2004 Suzuki Jimny, literally within around 30 – 45 minutes of the parcel being delivered. The software was quick and easy to install (No cd provided, need to download from dealer website and update to latest version).

Anyway, for the Suzuki i used the VVDI-prog with the EEPROM clip adapter to read the immobox 24c01 in-circuit. Then using the VVDI2 immobiliser data tool, i was able to create a dealer key with an Xhorse 4d/4c chip. Write the new dump back to the immobox with VVDI-prog, put it all back together and worked first time thankfully after previous failed attempts with other devices.



I did some testing on the bench with a BMW EWS3 using VVDI2 with the CAS adapter cable (Needs external 12Vdc supply). It reads the EWS ok, but can’t write a file back to EWS.
I will try reading the EWS3+ that is in my car and produce a dealer key for it.

The ‘file change km’ seems to read from dump ok, and will allow you to modify file with new km (untested on car though). If i get some time later on will try read/write with VVDIprog.


Anyway end goal complete and happy with the new purchase



2003 Golf 4:

Today i had a 2003 Golf 4 to program a new key and remote.
Programmed the transponder to start car ok, but had problems adapt the remote with VVDI2.

Tried adapt it manually in 46 – Central comfort module , when i put pin number it gives an error saying lost connection. Then if i try going through the guided function to program the remote, it starts connecting to the module and the software crash and close down.
Tried for little while but could’t make any progress, so reverted actually to SnapOn Verdict that did it in about a minute without even needing pin code.

I’ll send over log files to Tech support and see what they say.

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