VVDI2 Reads VW Simos (ECU List + Abilities)

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VVDI2 Simos  User Manual for newbies:

VVDI2 support some special functions for Simos ECU from VW
Engine Control Unit
OBD operation: read PIN, CS, MAC, change KM, switch OFF/ON immo, read flash,  auto detect….Supports Simos!

22) SIMOS PPD 1.1/1.5(Siemens)
23) SIMOS benzin(Siemens)

Adapt Unit
This can adapt 2nd unit to new car, synchronization ECU with immobilizer….Supports Simos!
1) ECU (EDC16/EDC17/MED9/MED17/Simos) – 4th immobilizer ECU

EEPROM dump tool
Support decode ECU EEPROM, Kessy module, J518 module, comfort module, change KM for cluster EEPROM dump
ECU EEPROM: decode PIN, CS, MAC, set new PIN, CS, MAC values
Immobox EEPROM: Kessy module(93C86), J518 module, comfort module, decode PIN, CS, Immo NO., VIN etc
Cluster and immobox EEPROM: decode PIN, KM, and change KM
….Supports Simos!:

23) ECU Simos Benzin – Immo bypass
24) ECU Simos 7 – K-line – Login code [93C76] [93C86]
25) ECU Simos 7 – CAN – Security Access Code [93C76] [93C86]
26) ECU Simos 7 – CAN – Reset component protection data [93C76] [93C86]
27) ECU Simos 6.x – Security Access Code
28) ECU Simos 6.x – Reset component protection data
29) ECU Simos PPD1x – Reset component protection data
30) ECU Simos PPD1x – Mileage calculator
31) ECU Simos PPD1x – Security Access Code
32) ECU Simos 9.1 – Reset component protection data
33) ECU Simos 9.1 – Security Access Code
34) ECU Simos 9.2 – Reset component protection data
35) ECU Simos 9.2 – Security Access Code
36) ECU Simos 6.3 – Reset component protection data
37) ECU Simos 6.3 – Security Access Code
38) ECU Simos 3.3 – Security Access Code and CS bytes

42) ECU Simos 9.1 (Polo 2007) – Security Access Code

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