What is Xhorse ELV Simulator


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What is Xhorse ELV Simulator?

Xhorse ELV Simulator is used to substitute original ELV/ESL perfectly,not impact the appearance more stable and safety.support all benz vehicle with w204/w207/w212 directional lock.
ELV Simulator
When Benz ESL motor is damaged or NEC chip is locked. The remote control can be used for car door open and unlock but the dashboard not work. It need to replace new ELV what is very expensive. Xhorse ELV Simulator can solve it easily, replace the elv simulator, and do the mactching with vvdi mb tool.The dashboard worked.
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Xhorse ELV simulator update version, Mini ELV simulator,dimension 5 times smaller,performs the same function as the origial elv,higher cost performance.

Mini ELV Simulator

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