What is Xhorse Mini Prog

Xhorse VVDI Prog

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Xhorse MINI Prog is Xhorse Brand New Multi-functional chip programming device, It is portable and stable. support repair multiple modules,read/write eeprom data and mcu data, more functions will be released, work with Xhorse app on IOS and Android.  

Xhorse Mini Prog Functions:

▪Repair multiple modules
▪Data local & cloud storage
▪Edit Data on Xhorse App
▪Read&Write EEPROM data and MCU data
▪Directly Read & Write Data free from soldering chips
▪More Functions Coming Soon

Xhorse MINI Prog has different test head, and support many cable and adapter, which make it has more functions in the future.

More Xhorse mini prog details: https://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-mini-prog.html

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