Xhorse Audi BCM2 Adapter Review and Use Guide

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Xhorse Audi BCM2 Solder-Free Adapter is new released by Xhorse Locksmith, It’s able to provide simple and safe adding key as well as all key lost solutions for AUDI vehicles,no need to solder anymore while reading AUDI BCM2 module.Xhorse Audi BCM2 Adapter Support 2013-2019 A4L/A5/Q5 add key and all key lost,Support 2013-2019 A6L/A7/A8 get BCM2 immo data while all key lost. Support get BCM2 immo data without original key ID Support exchange BCM2 function in future updates. Compatible with Xhorse Key Tool Plus and VVDI2 & VVDI Prog.

Xhorse Audi BCM2 Adapter FAQs and Use Guide:

1. How many accessories are there in the set?

AUDI BCM2 adapter set consists of 8 pieces in total. Check it out.

2. Which tool could work with AUDI BCM2 adapter?

It’s able to work with KEY TOOL PLUS or VVDI2 & VVDI PROG. Users can work with different tools according to what they have in hand.

3. Does VVDI2 support the adapter?

Yes, upgrade the software of VVDI2 to the latest version and then you are free to use the adapter.
Please note that reading BCM2 data would require VVDI PROG.

Xhorse VVDI2 V7.0.9 Update: Add Audi BCM2 2013-2019 All Key Lost

4. Is synchro data needed for A6L all key lost?

Yes, users can contact 3rd party service provider for synchro data.

5. Can I just solder wire to read BCM2 data?

The adapter set consists one cable which enable users to read BCM2 data in a soldering way. However, it’s strongly suggested to use the solder-free adapter (orange adapter) to finish the job to protect the module from damaging.

6. Is it easy to disassemble the BCM2 module?

Usually, BCM2 module is beneath the protection pad of the car trunk. It can be easily spotted and levered to take out the PCB.

7. How to use Xhorse Audi BCM2 Adapter?Here are two video to show you how to quick start.

1. How to use Xhorse Audi BCM2 adapter with VVDI2 & VVDI Prog

2. How to use Xhorse Audi BCM2 adapter with Key Tool Plus

Learn more:

Xhorse BCM2 Adapter:https://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-vw-solder-free-adapters.html
VVDI2+VVDI Prog:https://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/vvdi2-full-version-with-vvdi-prog.html
Key Tool Plus:https://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-key-tool-plus.html

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