Xhorse Dolphin Key Cutting Machine Calibration Guide

Condor XC-Dolphin

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Does it need to calibrate every time when using Xhorse key cutting machine? Or just calibrate at the first time to use? Some new users still are not clear about this. Read this post and hope it helps you!


So rookie question on the Dolphin. When change adapters, going from internal cut keys to edge cut keys, and vise versa. Do I have to do a full calibration every time?

Answer 1:

No, but if I’m moving my dolphin from place to place, I usually do a calibration.

Answer 2:

Nope. It does a quick calibration just before cutting each key with that square block you see on each head.

Xhorsetool.com engineer gives the suggestion:

  1. After receiving the newkey cuttingmachine or using it for a period of time, please calibrate the machine again to ensure the accuracy of the machine;
  2. If the distance between probe and cutter is reset, all fixtures need to be recalibrated;
  3. The value of the machine may be different. After replacing the motherboard or upgrading the firmware, please re-perform the whole calibration process;
  4. Be sure to clean the fixture and keep it clean without debris.

Dolphin XP005 Calibration Guide:

Calibrate Height Level Adjustment >> clamp 1>> clamp 2

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Dolphin XP005L Calibration Guide:

For the first time to use, you should combine the device (activation), then update firmware and database, finally calibrate.

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Dolphin XP007 Calibration Guide:

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