Xhorse Dolphin XP005 Using Tips: Calibration+ Key Decode & Cut

Condor XC-Dolphin

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This post comes with the detailed instruction of Xhorse Dolphin XP005 key cutting machine.

It’s suitable for you when you use it for the first time.

The main contents:

  • Calibrate Dolphin XP005
  • Calibrate clamp
  • Decode and cut key

1.Guide to calibrate Dolphin XP005:

Tap “Device information” at the bottom right corner of the Dolphin XP005 main menu

Select “Device Calibration”-> “Height Level Adjustment”

Click “Start”

Install and tighten the clamp M1

Note: Dont put any key on the clamp!

Turn the cutter tightening wrench to fix the cutter and the probe

Click “Continue” in the Xhorse APP to the step of height level adjustment

Unscrew the probe tightening wrench

Adjust it to the same level as the cutter

Then turn the tightening wrench to fix the probe

Click “Continue”

Adjustment is complete.

2.Guide to calibrate clamp:

1).Calibrate clamp M1

Put a HON66 key blank on the clamp M1

Turn the key tightening knob to fix it

Click “Continue” to calibrate

Clamp 1 calibration is done!

2).Calibrate clamp M2

Install clamp M2 (no key on the clamp) and rotate side A upward

Rotate side B upward

Click “Continue” to calibrate and wait the process is complete

Then go to rotate side C, D upward and calibrate in sequence using the same steps.

3.Guide to decode and cut key:

Rotate side A upward

Put the original key on clamp M2 and tighten it

Select “Universal Key Duplication”-> “2 Track external”-> “Tip align”-> “M2-A Clamp”-> “Decode key”

After one side of the original key is decoded, remove the original key and put a new key to cut.

Once the one side key is cut, put another side of the original key to decode, then cut the another side of the new key

The key cutting is complete.


Have fun!




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