Xhorse Dolphin XP005L Tutorials: How to Activate/Update/Calibrate?

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If this is your first time to use the new Xhorse key cutting machine- Dolphin XP005L, three steps are required to do before cutting key: combine the device (activation), update firmware and database, and calibrate the key.

Kindly notice:

Please remove the protective bracket before any operation.

1.How to activate Dolphin XP005L?

When you receive the Xhorse Dolphin II XP 005L, you need to combine it to Xhorse APP via smartphone or other Xhorse tools such as VVDI MB Tool or VVDI Key Tool Plus.

Note: Bind with Xhorse VVDI MB Tool or VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad, you will get 1 Free MB Token every day.

The detailed procedure is as follows.

Press the power switch of XP005L

Turn the LCD screen up

Select language ‘English’

Click ‘Start to activate’

Read the disclaimer on the screen and click ‘Agree to enter’

Select one available WiFi and input the corresponding password to connect >> click ‘Next’

Download Xhorse APP on your smartphone or Xhorse tool first, then use the Xhorse APP to scan QR code and combine device

Path: Click on the Add icon in the upper right corner>> Scan>> Click ‘Send’ >> input the security code received

Combine device successfully

Then click ‘Activate’

Note: After combine device to account, the device’s bonus points will share to account. Parts of function support to share to different devices in this account.

It’s activated successfully, then click ‘Start to use’.

2.How to update Dolphin XP005L?

Click ‘System’ on the main menu

Then select ‘Update Center’

It will show the current version and latest version of firmware and database update.

Click ‘Firmware update’ >> Update

Note: it’ll take about 13 minutes to update the firmware.

After the firmware update is completed, it will boot again automatically.

Then click System>> Update Center>> Database update>> Update

Update successfully.

3.How to calibrate Dolphin XP005L?

After Dolphin XP 005L is activated and updated, then go to calibrate before cutting key.

The full package includes all goods as below.

1pc x Machine
1pc x Clamp M5 and link stopper
1pc x Clamp M3 ( optional )
1pc x Clamp M4 ( optional )
1pc x 1.5mm cutter
1pc x 2.5mm cutter
1pc x Probe
1pc x 2mm+4mm 3mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc x 3mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc x 6mm hexagon bar wrench
1pc x Protective bracket
1pc x Power adapter
1pc x 1.5m Power cord of Mainland China standard
1pc x 1.5 Power cord of UK standard (optional)
1pc x 1.5 Power cord of US standard (optional)
1pc x 1.5 Power cord of EU standard (optional)
1pc x Built-in battery (optional)
1pc x Brush
1pc x Product quality certificate
1pc x User manual

Guide to calibrate:

Install cutter and tracer up to top

Install M5 clamp from the blade up to third line

Put the key on the clamp 5

Read the tips of cutting calibration and click ‘Start’

After the cutting calibration first step is done, use the brush to clean up the clamp cutting spot, the probe and the cutter.

Make sure that there’s no metal left over, don’t move the key!

Then click ‘Continue’

Cutting calibration process is completed, and it’s ready to cut the key.

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