Xhorse Dolphin XP005L VS Condor XC Mini Plus

Condor DolphinCondor XC-Mini Plus

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What’s the difference Xhorse Dolphin XP005L and Condor XC Mini Plus besides the price?

Dolphin XP-005L ≈ Dolphin XP-005 software (function) + Condor XC-MINI Plus firmware

Check the detailed comparison table below:



Dolphin XP-005  Dolphin XP-005L Condor XC-MINI Plus
Price (USD) 1578 1923 2499
Weight (Net) 15kg 13kg 18kg
Weight (Gross) 18kg 18.5kg 22.9kg
Size 315x218x270mm 390*220*270mm 265*362*301mm
Screen × Angle adjustable 5-inch LCD touch screen Angle adjustable 7-inch LCD touch screen
Smart status indicator × Yes (in blue, yellow, red color) ×
Protection cover Yes, not enough Yes, good Yes, good
Update Database update in APP, firmware update via Xhorse update kit Online Update Online Update, support offline file update.
Clamp M1, M2

M3 (optional)

M4 (optional)

M5 (=M1+M2)

M3 (optional)

M4 (optional)

M1, M2

M3 (optional)

M4 (optional)

Manipulation Phone APP/Key Tool Max Phone APP/Standalone Standalone
Offline operation ×
All keys lost

Compared to the price factor and function, XP005L is 100% better than XC-Mini Plus!

The only advantage of XC-MINI Plus is that it can work offline without the internet! It has a big problem is that there is no battery inside, so it’s hard to work outside.

XP005 doesn’t have a screen and needs to connect with Xhorse APP or key tool max.

XP005L comes with an HD screen and can update via Wifi online, and also has a Clamp M5 instead of M1+ M2 and a free built-in battery. It’s cheaper and more convenient to use.


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