Xhorse EZS/EIS adapters reviews


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Have collected reviews from the Xhorse group for those with VVDI MB TOOL who uses the Xhorse EZS / EIS adapters.


Xhorse EZS/EIS adapters: http://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-vvdi-prog-xdpg30ch-adapters-for-mercedes-benz.html


Discuss: Is it worth buying the set and do they work first every time? and would buy again ? or do you find sometimes soldering is still required and not worth the price ?



Feroz Haai: Works well safe time dont solder any more

Dean Ward: I use those adapters and I think they are brilliant, they save a lot of time and risk… no more soldering

that’s perfect I’d definitely go ahead and get the adapters also if I were you

Hamza Jav Mahmood: Excellent adapters and works all the time, use them every day

Mark Taylor: perfect work mint

Starry Bear: Yes work very goood. Save much money

Martin Atkinson: Always work for me, had a few sprinters where I had to clean the connection points first, but it only takes seconds

Stuart Dunford: best investment I ever made

David Purdy: Very good

Jimmy Sadler: They work great

In conclusion:

The EZS/EIS adapters work good and help save time and risk and money!


(Credits to all contribution in https://www.facebook.com/groups/xhorsetools/)

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