Xhorse Key Reader Duplicate a Key on Infiniti D834- Succeed

Xhorse Key Reader

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I’m gonna try to duplicate a d834 key for Infiniti by using Xhorse Key Reader and Dolphin XP005 automatic key cutting machine?


Have already got other key

Open Xhorse APP and jump over to the DOLPHIN interface

First, connect to Dolphin key cutting machine

Then go to ‘My favorite’ and select DA34

Connect Xhorse Key Reader

Click ‘Identification’ to identify the internal key bitting

I’m gonna go ahead and push the button of Key Reader, then insert the key into the hole.

Click ‘Identify’

OK, it says ‘identification successful’, and the bitting is 1212313443.

It’ll send a picture over to us.

We can kind of just examine it make sure the dots look like they’re in the right spots that look good.

Now we can just hit to cut our key.

Alright! The key is cut OK.

I’m going to throw it on a key ring and walk over the car.

I’ll test it out. Just make sure it can work.

So cool! It works perfectly.

Credit to@ russej02.


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