Xhorse Key Reader Review and how to Identify Key Bitting within Seconds

Xhorse Key Reader

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Today we’re going to unbox an Xhorse new product: key reader.
We will open the box, we have key reader, user manual and power adapter, the device is a square box.

So what is key reader?

It is a professional and portable device designed by Xhrose, which is used to identify car key bitting quickly and accurately, it will work on metal keys and plastic keys.


And the user manual is written in both English and Chinese.

Look at the power adapter, it is used to connect the key reader to power.

And how to use key reader?

First connect it to powerand turn it on, the screen will display its serial number, we will need a key cutting machine i.e XC-Mini Plus II here to finish the cutting work.

Choose the appropriate key blank and follow the instructions.

Press the button and insert the key you want to copy.

Click “start to identify”, it only takes seconds to get the result, now you have the bitting of the key.

Insert a key blank following the instructions.

Click “Start cutting”, key reader supports all key cutting machines from Xhorse such as Dolphin XP005, Condor XC-Mini Plus.

And for those machines without screen, you can finish these steps on your smartphone.

Now you got yourself a duplicated key.

If you have any other questions, please contact at www.xhorsetool.com.


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