Xhorse Key Reader Test Report: Identify on Different Car Keys Perfectly

Xhorse Key Reader

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Xhorse key reader has been confirmed can work with many car keys. Here are some successful test reports.

Test 1: Xhorse key reader decode a Single Sided Toyota/Lexus Key with VVDI Key Tool Plus

Select Cutting key>> Cut by bitting>> General key blanks>> TOY40>> TOY40 (TOY2, 4-4Bitting)>> Optical Identification

Pair with the xhorse key reader

Push the button of key reader to put the key into it

Click identification to start identity key bitting info.

Identify successfully and send the little picture over

It’s decode correctly. Finally use dolphion 2 to cut new key.


Test 2: Xhorse Key Reader Duplicate HU101 2017 Ford F-250 with dolphin key cutting machine

Connect Xhorse Dolphin key cutting machine with smartphone via Bluetooth

Select Optical Identification>> Ford>> HU101>> Connect to key reader

Put the key into the key reader coil to identify

After identification is successful, cut the key with the dolphin key cutting machine


Test 3: Xhorse Key Reader read 12 keys

Power on the blade skimmer, connect & go to Xhorse App Dolphin page.

If connected with a Dolphin XP005 or Dolphin II XP005L, it’s also workable to start from “Cut by bitting”.

Select Optical Identification>> the related key to identify

Keys incl. HU92R, HU101, HU56RP, NE66, HU100, B111, HU58, GM39, SIP22, HON66, YM63, HON39


Test 4: Xhorse Key Reader Duplicate D834 Key on Condor Dolphin

Xhorse Key Reader Duplicate a Key on Infiniti D834- Succeed




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