Xhorse Key Tool Max Generate and Program Smart Key to ALTIMA 2013-2015

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This post comes with the guide to generate remote and program smart key on Nissan ALTIMA 2013-2015 using VVDI Key Tool Max and Xhorse smart key.

Car: Nissan ALTIMA 2013-2015

Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max

Prox key: Xhorse universal smart key

Step-by-step guide:

Step 1: Clone transponder

Enter [Transponder Clone]

Put the xhorse prox key into the coil position of Key Tool Max to read transponder

Detect out the transponder info successfully

The status is unlocked and unclonable.

Step 2: Program remote

Enter [Vehicle Remote]

Select “Nissan”-> “Altima”-> ““Altima (2013-2015) KeylessGo”-> “Generate remote”

Program remote is complete

The key has not been programmed, so it can’t work normally.

Step 3: Program smart key

Connect VVDI Key Tool Max to the vehicle with USB TYPE-C cable

Enter [Immo Programming]-> Nissan-> Select from system-> Smart-> 20-digit PIN-> Type 1-JX35 (after 2013)-> Program smart key

Then switch ignition off and turn on double flash lights

Pay attention to the prompt about all keys will be cleared and rematched, just go ahead.

Follow the instruction on screen to operate step by step:

-Don’t step on the brakes and keep pressing start button until ignition switch is on.

-Then turn off the ignition switch

-Press the start button with the logo position of the 1 smart key, and hold it, keep the logo position close to start button immediately for 10 seconds, IMMO light will flash 5 times.

-Turn off ignition switch

Match one key successfully

Program the key successfully

Put the xhorse smart key into the coil to read

Select Trunk and panic to change the number in sequence, the put the xhorse prox key into coil to write

Finally, test the key.

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