Xhorse Key Tool Max Generate and Program Smart Remote for Toyota Camry ACV40 2008

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Toyota Camry ACV40 2008 smart remote generated and programmed by Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max with VVDI Mini OBD Tool like a charm.

Generate Camry 2008 key to Camry 2015+

Toyota Camry ACV40 smart remote chip: 71 433MHZ

Step 1.Check the original smart remote

Put the key into the coil of VVDI Key Tool Max

Tap Transponder clone>> Read transponder

Chip: 4D DST40

Password: 94 433 92MHZ ASK

Step 2.Generate smart remote with XM- TOYOOGL PCB


Put the Xhorse TOY-T universal Smart key into coil and press ‘Generate’

Detecting the remote

Calculating… require 5 seconds, query after 10 seconds (cannot be cancelled)

Burn success after 2 minutes

Now this PCB is generated to TOYOTA Camry


Step 3.Add smart remote

Back to the main menu

Change to Mini OBD Tool screen

Connect Key Tool Max with Mini OBD via Bluetooth

Tap IMMO Programming>> TOYOTA>> Select by type>> Smart key system>> Type 3 (8A/4D+ CAN)

Press ‘Start execution’

Select ‘Add a key’

Turn on the ignition switch

The number of registered key is 2, and the number of keys that can also be registered is 5.

Keep touching the ignition switch sigh surface of a registered key, complete the operations within 30 seconds after clicking ‘OK’

After touching, you will hear 1 beep.

Click ‘OK’ and keep touching the ignition switch with sign surface of the key to be registered within 30s.

Note: If the key sounds once, take the key farther away. If the key sounds twice, it is programmed successfully.

Key registration succeeded

Now the number of registered key is 3, and the number of keys that can also be registered is 4.

Test the new smart remote OK, then install the PCB back into new style TOYOTA 2015+ shell

Start the car normally.

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