Xhorse Key Tool Max with Mini OBD Program Lexus IS250 Smart Key (AKL)

VVDI Key Tool Max

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Used Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Max with VVDI Mini OBD Tool to add smart key to Lexus IS250 all keys lost via OBD, worked perfectly!

Vehicle and device used:

Lexus IS250 2009- 2013, FCC- HYQ14AAB, BOARD# EBOARD (3370)

VVDI Key Tool Max with Mini OBD Tool

One blank key to be programmed

How to do:

Plug VVDI Mini OBD Tool into the vehicle OBD port, and connect to KeyTool Max via USB TYPE- C cable properly

Go to MINI OBD menu

Turn on Bluetooth to connect Mini OBD on Key Tool Max

Select Immo Programming-> Lexus-> IS250-> Smart key system

Tap “Start execution”

First reset smart box, then add smart key.

Turn on the ignition switch, and open the driver door, until match completes.

It prompts “Communicating, please wait for about 16 minutes, the IMMO light (SECURITY) will change from off to flashing. (The buzzer will beep at the same time for some vehicles).”

Reset successfully! Turn to the main menu to perform <Add Smart Key> to program smart keys.

Turn on the ignition switch

It prompts “The number of keys registered: 0, whether to continue?”

-Click “OK”

Hold the logo side of a programmed key close to start button and keep it within 30 seconds

After that, put the key on the passenger seat. Complete the operations above within 30 seconds.

Smart key programming is done!

Finally, test the key remote and start the car, both work well!

That’s whole procedure of Lexus IS250 (all keys lost) smart key programming by Key Tool Max & Mini OBD.

Have fun!


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