Xhorse Probes and Cutters for Condor XC Mini Plus II Purchasing Guide

Condor XC-Mini Plus

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Xhorsetool.com newly releases a series of Xhorse probes and cutters for Condor XC Mini Plus II Key Cutting Machine.

1.XHORSE XCPF05GL 0.5mm Probe

Used for snake groove key and certain dimple key learning

Price: US$31.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

2.XHORSE XCPS10GL 1.0mm Pointed Probe

Used with dimple cutters above

Price: US$29.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

3.Xhorse XCCD30GL 2.5mm Engraving Cutter

Used for engraving on key blanks

Price: US$44.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

4.XHORSE XCDU35GL 3.5mm Dimple Cutter (Internal)

Price: US$44.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

5.XHORSE XCDU45GL 4.5mm Dimple Cutter (Internal)

Price: US$44.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

6.XHORSE XCDW60GL 6.0mm Dimple Cutter (External)

Price: US$44.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

7.XHORSE XCDW64GL 6.5mm Dimple Cutter (External)

Price: US$74.99+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

Used for cutting dimple keys

Support types: ABUS Magnum RB- locks Yale Mul-T-Lock

Besides, if you need a milling cutter, there are also different sizes (1.5mm/2.0mm/2.5mm) for choosing below.

All can be used for Xhorse Condor XC-Mini PlusPlus II/ XC-002 and Dolphin XP005XP005L. Xhorse 1.5mm and 2.5mm cutters are also compatible with Dolphin XP007 Manual Key Cutting Machine.

Price: US$65.00+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

Price: US$70.00+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)

Price: US$55.00+ free shipping (5pcs/lot)


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