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I bought this to test my car remote to see if it was working or if it was something wrong with my body control module. Fortunately it was the remote. After paying almost $100 for a new remote, the remote stopped working! I tested that and sure enough nothing! I tested the battery and it was fully charged, so I put it back together and still nothing… Sending it back for a replacement. I am so glad that I bought this Xhorse remote tester or I wouldn’t have been able to know again if it was that or the battery in it or a body control module…
This tester is good to have around vs paying anyone to test these things for you…
Well worth buying.


I work in the automotive industry and my very expensive remote tester stopped working. I tried a few less expensive alternatives and this one worked the best to make sure the remote worked. I like this xhorse remote tester is powered by battery and turns itself off. It also has a magnetic back and that is handy to stick it to the tool box.


This Xhorse remote tester works way better than my old remote tester that broken. Having the two different frequencies indicate separately has already helped us diagnose a problem with aftermarket remotes sending out the wrong frequency for the vehicle.

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