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Xhorse Smart Key Box

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Xhorse Smart Key Box with the unique APP can help user achieve a non- remote driving experience. It can perform lock, unlock, trunk and panic functions for your car by smart phone. The operation is simple and convenient for car owners. Follow this post to learn about the guide to download Smart Key Box APP and install the device into your car.

Part 1: How to download Xhorse Smart Key Box APP?

Method 1: Search for “Smart key box” on Google Play or APP Store and download

Method 2: Scan the following QR code to download directly

Part 2: How to install Xhorse Smart Key Box into your car?

Step 1: Solder the circuit board
Step 2: Learn key
Step 3: Install Smart Key Box
Step 4: Test

Check the Smart Key Box hardware configuration drawing and accessories

The detailed operation procedure:

Step 1: Solder the circuit board

Solder the original key into smart key box

  • Solder the key diagonally
  • Solder the cable regardless of polarity

Step 2: Learn key

  • Long press the learning key, the indicator light up to enter the learning mode
  • First learn the mobile phone and then press any key to learn the remote control
  • Long press the learning key, the indicator goes out to exit the learning mode

Step 3: Install Smart Key Box

  • Insert the LF antenna (long) into Port 1
  • Insert the LF antenna (short) into Port 2
  • Insert the HF antenna into HF Port

Note: If you use Bluetooth to control the car only, no need to match more remotes, no need to install HF and LF antenna.

  • Connect one end of the power supply cable to Smart Key Box

Connect the signal pin in the OBD interface or connect the ACC signal line in the fuse box according to the model reference

Yellow wire: Connect to the ACC key power (cannot be omitted)

Vbat or earth wire: Connect to OBD or Vbat from the fuse box

Step 4: Test

After the device installation is done, go to test

Open Smart Key Box APP

Turn on Bluetooth connection on your mobile phone

Press “Connect the car”

Then you can press Lock, Unlock, trunk, panic to perform the corresponding function

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