Xhorse SW-007 Smart Watch User Guide: What is it? How to use?

Xhorse Smart Watch

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Xhorse Smart Watch (SW-007) is a watch which is designed by Xhorse and launched in 2021. It can be used as a replacement to your car remote, and works well with VVDI Mini Key Tool, VVDI Key Tool MAX or Xhorse VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad to program your watch to control your car.

Watch the video demo firstly.

What exactly does Xhorse SW007 Smart Watch do?

It’s a multi- function smart watch and can do specific functions as below.

  • Keyless go
  • Start car
  • Stop car
  • Open the trunk
  • Auto start/stop your car (this function can be available when your car has it)
  • Panic Function (this function can be available when your car has it)

How to match Xhorse Watch Smart Key?
Please initially complete the Remote Generation via intelligent KEY TOOL Series tools produced by Xhorse.
The watch should be put in the detection coil as deep as possible during the process of Remote Generation.
Note: Please contact the technical support team on Xhorse App if the Remote Generation cannot be completed successfully.
After successfully completing the Remote Generation, please match your watch to your car via the professional matching devices. (Please contact your local dealers for help.)
Users can control the car by the watch after successfully completing the matching process.
Users who own cars controlled by smart key remotes can directly use the watch as a car remote.

How to program Xhorse Smart Remote Watch to your vehicle?

Vehicle: e.g. BYD

Devices used: Xhorse Remote Watch Keyless Go+ VVDI Key Tool Plus Pad

First, generate appropriate remote.

Put the Xhorse SW007 Watch into the coil of Keytool Plus

Click “Remote Program”

Select “BYD” and the appropriate model

Then click “Generate remote”

After generating remote, go to calculate password from the original key and write it into the Xhorse Watch.

Select “Transponder Clone”-> “ID46 online calculation”-> click “Start Clone”

Then select “Write BYD directly” to write the password into Xhorse Watch

After completing the step, go to add a new key.

Select “IMMO Programming”-> “BYD”-> Select by model-> select appropriate car model-> click “Begin”, and then choose the corresponding key programming option to add key

Once that is completed, you have yourself a new generated remote watch.

Now the watch has functions incl. keyless go, locking/unlocking, trunk opening/ panic function, etc, which is extremely convenient and practical.

More info of Xhorse Smart Remote Watch: https://www.xhorsetool.com/wholesale/xhorse-smart-remote-watch.html


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