Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.2.2 download for VVDI tools update

Xhorse Upgrade Kit 1.2.2 User Manual: download, install, how to use


Free download Xhorse upgrade kit 1.2.2 the latest version for Xhorse the best tools:



How to use Xhorse upgrade kit 1.2.2:

Step 1: Download the mega link and unzip it

Step 2: Double click “Upgrade kit.exe”

Step 3: Select the optional interface to update to the newest version, shown as below


Note: Run as Administrator Firmware upgrade MUST be preformed via UpGrade Kit Icon within the Software after installing it as shown in detailed steps below, don’t try to upgrade Firmware the old way ! It will not work as it remains on v4.8.0 as shown on the last screen shot.


Why you should have Xhorse upgrade kit 1.2.2:

It’s necessary to have Xhorse upgrade tool the latest version, because you would fail to update the Xhorse tools if yo don’t have the newet.

For example, users cannot update VVDI2 to version 5.0.0, with Xhorse upgrade tool 1.2.0; and got the error message –

“Unable to upgrade, the version has not yet released in this region, please wait”

But if you have the least update tool, it works no issues.


What tools can be used with Xhorse Upgrade Kit?


Xhorse Upgrade Kit can work and update Xhorse tools incl.

Xhorse key programmer: VVDI Key Tool, VVDI Prog, VVDI2, VVDI MB TOOL

Xhorse key cutting machines: Condor XC-007, Condor XC MINI (KM02/KM03)



That’s all about Xhorse Upgrade Kit.


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