Xhorse VVDI BIMTOOL Pro Program BMW CAS4+ F Series in 3 Minutes


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Xhorse VVDI BIMTOOL Pro adds more functions than VVDI BMW Tool. One of the new features is that it can greatly speed up the F/G Chassis programming via network cable. Only need 3 minutes to perform key programming by fast-mode. Check the related test report here.


Note: VVDI BIMTOOL Pro supports the same software as Xhorse VVDI BMW.

The test:

Step 1: Free download VVDI BMW Tool newest software V1.6.2


Size: 498 MB

No need password! No risk!

O.S: Win7, Win8, Win10

Language: English, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Deutsch, Chinese

Step 2: Connect VVDI BIMTOOL Pro with BMW CAS4+ DME module

Step 3: Open [Network and Sharing Center] to connect the local network

Step 4: Open BMW TOOL software

Select “CAS Information]”-> “OBDII-Auto Detect”

Then press “Connect”

Read out the current system and perform CAS key learning

Step 5: Select “CAS Key Learn”-> “OBDII-BMW CAS4/CAS4+ -F- Series”

Then press “Get Key Info”

Read out VIN and SVK successfully

Step 6: Select “Unlock CAS4/CAS4+”

Please pay attention to the notice:

1.You are perform CAS4/CAS4+ programming function, it need about 3 minutes;

2.Must provide extra power to car before programming: If All Key lost, please press brake and open lights to active communication;

3.If programming failed to power or some other reason, try again with unlock function. If can’t continue, you can write cars FLASH and continue

Confirm that, and press “Yes” to continue.

Step 7: Press “Yes” to use fast-mode to unlock CAS4 (Just need 3 minutes)

Step 8: Read coding…

When finish reading coding, save the data

Step 9: Connected to the CAS4+ and start transfer/receive…


Good to know:

If you have purchased VVDI BMW Tool before from xhorsetool.com, now you can exchange a new upgrade version VVDI BIMTool Pro!

Just Pay 115 USD replacement fee + shipping fee + offer old equipment serial number, and send back the old equipment to us.

(Important: Please ensure the old Xhorse BMW Tool has full package without any damage, otherwise you cannot exchange.)

Learn more details of Xhorse BIMTool Pro:


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