Xhorse VVDI BIMTool Pro Review: Enhanced edition for BMW


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Xhorse brand new released VVDI BIMTool Pro which the update version of VVDI BMW Tool, enhanced edition for BMW,esstial tool for automotive maintainers.

VVDI BIMTool Pro New Features:

▪Add ethernet port,support 10/100M programming via the ethernet

▪Support WIFI 802.1b/g, 150 Mbps high-speed connection, and WIFI OTA upgrade

▪Support BMW ECU Programming(NBT/CIC) (Being connected via the network cable)

▪Support DolP Vehicle/ Module Programming

▪Greatly speed up the F/G Classis Programming (Being connected via the network cable)

▪Support BMW E-Sys and Rhelngold Diagnostic System. Be able to replace the specialized devices. (Being connected via the network cable)

▪Support directly read ISN data without disassembling the ECU (N13/N20/N55/N63)



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