Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Detect and Generate Transponder etc.

VVDI Mini Key Tool

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This post will share how to use Xhorse Mini Key Tool to test transponder & frequency, connect with Xhorse APP, Generate a wireless remote& transponder and generate transponder.

Tools need:

VVDI Mini Key Tool Remote Tester

iOS or Android smartphone

1.Test transponder:

Press and hold the power button of VVDI Mini Key Tool for one second

Then the serial number and Bluetooth status, firmware version and battery level will appear on the device

Put one chip into the coil of Mini Key Tool

Press the power button for one second through the transponder section

Detect out the transponder is ID48.

2.Test frequency:

Press the power button once to start the frequency test

Press and hold the power button for 4 seconds to shut it down

3.Mini Key Tool and Xhorse APP connection:

Turn on the mobile phone Bluetooth function

Click the upper left corner on the screen

Click Bluetooth select to search the new device

Then choose the available device to connect

After you heard the sound of t-tech, the device is successfully connected with the APP

4.Generate a wireless remote

i.e: Chrysler

Click the “Vehicle Remote” -> “Chrysler”-> “5WY72XX 512”

Put the wireless remote into the vvdi mini key tool detection coil

Note: Make sure the wireless remote has battery inside

Click “Generate”

Generate remote successfully

5.Do transponder column

Click “Transponder Clone”-> “Read” to read transponder

Put original key into detection

Click “Clone”-> “Start clone”

Press “46 Transponder Clone” to clone

Take out the original key and put VVDI super chip or wireless remote for cloning

Clone the transponder successfully

6.Generate transponder:

Click “Generate transponder”

Put the transponder into the mini key tool detection coil

Select the corresponding transponder type

I.e:ID48”-> “48-TP23 VW”

Then click “Generate”

Generate successfully


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