Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool Transponder Clone, Software Update etc FAQs

VVDI Mini Key Tool

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Here are some frequently asked questions about Xhorse VVDI Mini Key tool.

Q: Can VVDI Mini Key tool copy or clone ID46 type transponders offline?

A: Yes, it can.

Q: I have a handy baby, but it only can clone Chinese ford id83. Will Xhorse VVDI Mini Key Tool support European or British Ford id83 clone?

A: Yes, the VVDI key tool global version should support.

Q: Does the keydiy kd-2 support the same functionality as VVDI mini key tool?

A: Mini key tool supports more functions, such as change 4D chip to 4C, or change id63 to id83, clone ID/IC card, unlock Toyota smart key, etc.

Q: Which tool can add new keys to Jaguar XK8 1999 that use MEGAMOS 13 – ID13 – Silca 13 – JMA TP05 transponder?

A: Mini Key Tool.

Q: I want to program a remote key on skoda fabia 2013. Is it possible to use Xhorse mini key tool to program Xhorse XKB501EN wire remote key?

A: Yes.

Q: Will VVDI mini key tool work on motorcycle?

A: Some chips can be copied.

Q: Can Xhorse remote renew soldering cable only work with VVDI mini key tool? How about other Xhorse tools?

A: VVDI Key tool max is also ok.

Q: There is a problem with my VVDI mini key tool. When I use it every time, it always asks me to update. But when I finish updating successfully, the update prompt still appears.

A: Please try to uninstall and install again. It doesn’t need to pay again. If you have an account, just use the same account to download and install.

Q: Does VVDI mini key tool support pre-cod or clone Fiat keys?

A: It supports key clone, but doesn’t support pre-code.

Q: Can VVDI mini key tool program 3-button keys for fiat panda year 2005 and for bmw e90?

A: No, it cannot.

Q: Can I use VVDI MINI KEY TOOL and VVDI BMW together?

A: No, they can only be used separately.

Q: Can I use vvdi mini key tool to transfer wireless vvdi remote with ID47 chip to 4F67?

A: No, you cannot. VVDI wireless remote doesn’t support ID67, only support 46 and 47.

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