Copy 48 96 bit Activation FREE for VVDI Mini Key Tool 2019 ONLY

VVDI mini key tool 48 96 bit activation:

48 96 bit activation is free for mini key tools made in the year 2019

This is for your information

For machines before 2019, you have no luck with chip id48 96bit copy

You will get errors below if you activate 48 96bit on mini key tool before 2019

For vvdi mini key tool chinese version, you can buy tokens to get 48 96bit authorization

How to combine VVDI MINI Key tool and VVDI2

Confirmed! VVDI MINI key tool is able to be combined with VVDI 2.

That is, vvdi mini key tool and vvdi2 will share an account and any bonus points you earn in the mini key tool will be transferred to the VVDI2, and have all points in one place.

The instruction is:

Connect VVDI2 to the Xhorse Upgrade Kit – click on “Binding” – Log in with your account – Fllow the guides on the page

The steps in detail will be released soon…


(Updated on 24-04-2019)

Steps in detail:

VVDI2/VVDI MB TOOL combination: 
Run upgrade kit,
connect the device to PC by the USB cable,
read device,
will the get QR code automatically,
login Xhorse APP,
enter ‘Account’–‘Combine device’,
then scan the QR code to combine to account.
login Xhorse APP,
connect the device by Bluetooth,
enter ‘Device & History’ to combine