VVDI2 Configuration File v1.0.0 Download for VVDI2 Update

For Xhorse VVDI2 owners:

This is a problem and solution of VVDI2 software update failed because of old version of VVDI2 database file


Problem from a VVDI2 owner:

When the user updated VVDI2 Full Kit to the latest version, the system popped up the error in VVDI2 BMW V5.2.1:

Attention: VVDI2 database file released newest version: V1.0.0. Please update your software with VVDI2-Update Tool

VVDI2 database file lower version may cause some function failed. WE STRONGLY SUGGEST YOU UPDATE TO LATEST database file!

Solution from the Xhorse:

VVDI2 configuration file download link:


Download VVDI2 Configuration file v100, then install

Note that the tool is not included in VVDI2 software download

Tech support from XHORSETOOL.COM

VVDI2 PSA Review

VVDI2 PSA work well?


Depending on which BSI you can do. It works only on CAN protocol and no van network. For example Peugeot 206 van net. not work, p.206+ can net. Work ok.



Customer reviews:


  1. Pin code psa dont work by vvdi2


  1. citroen c4 work 100% for read pin

tested 100%


  1. i read on Monday c4 pin with version 4.0… no problem 2006


  1. citroen c4 I can confirm also it is working


  1. I did c4 No problem


  1. just read the pin and cs from ecu.


make backup from cluster, and the cluster configuration.


then make a dealer key, and learn it with pin.


my Peugeot 308 2008 BSI JC pin extracted OK. Key learn OK.




Tip: Xhorse VVDI2 PSA only works for CAN line protocol based Peugeot, Citroën and DS cars

How to: VVDI2 program key to BMW E87 2006 (CAS2)

Purpose: add a key to 2006 BMW E87


Tool: brand new VVDI2 full kit


Car: a 2006, 1 series, E87, with CAS2


Problems: I connected the VVDI2 to the OBD2 port, inserted the already existing key into the key slot, turned ignition on and clicked Connect on my VVDI2 4.7.0 app. I was surprised to get “AutoDetect Failed!” error so I checked connections and clicked Connect again, same error. Than I taught maybe it is not able to detect the CAS, no big deal, so I selected the “OBD2 KWP-E6X,E9X……..” and clicked Connect again, this time it was “Reading Data Failed!“, and so on for every protocol that I’ve selected. Than I went ahead and undated the software and firmware to version 4.7.5 that is the last version, but no change.



Long story short my VVDI2 can’t connect to CAS2


Solution: Checked and works. Even with last ftdi drivers. You have to check that drivers DON’T LOAD VCP DRIVER.


Attach photos

I made my own cable. I’ll upload photos of the pinouts, that way you can check your cable!