HU64, 64-2, 64-3 and 64T – Which option on Condor Mini (PLUS)?

What is the difference between HU64, 64-2, 64-3 and 64T on Condor key machine?

HU64, HU64-2, HU64-3 the distance from key tip to first biting is different (580,450,380) 1mm=100.

The difference sometimes depends on what country you live on.

This machine cuts different key ways.

Base on the key blank you working on


such as Mercedes HU64 because different country with different HU64 types, so Xhorse adds 3 types from all customers.
so for add spare key, when decode key customer can check the probe detection points whether at proper position.
one more thing, we usually try HU64-3 first


in UK, hu64-2 works

in Australia, hu64 or hu64-2 works

in España, HU64-2 is perfect

in China, mostly select HU64-2 for Mercedes


on a side note, M2 tighten HU64 key blank no problem.

How to combine VVDI MB with Condor Mini (automatic) and XC-002 (manual)

Hello are you able to help me bind my vvdi mb with my mini condor and condor xc002?


It depends.

which vvdi mb version do you have?

if you get vvdi mb combination with condor mini already when you but the two, then you cannot combine vvdi mb with xc002.

but if you have the vvdi mb tool full kit (sk185 only) without combination with anything, you can combine it with condor mini and xc002 together

if you have vvdi mb (sk185-b) , you can combine the vvdi with automatic key cutting machine only. for manual machines, you have no luck to combine them together

so, pls confirm that which vvdi mb version you have first