Mitsubishi Pajero 4D61 clone using vvdi super chip

I tried to clone Mitsubishi Pajero 4D61 on a vvdi super chip. The machine (VVDI2) said everything was fine…. the steps

  1. input a working key into vvdi2 programmer…success
  2. collecting data…success
  3. calculate data online…success
  4. take the original key out of the programmer…success
  5. input the vvdi super chip to start copy…detected super chip
  6. writing data….wait….copy chip successfully!

Toyota G transponder 47 cloning with MINI Keytool + Super Chip

Test report: VVDI mini keytool + super chip work for Toyota G transponder 47 cloning


You should have:

Toyota key

vvdi super chip

mini key tool

mobile for xhorse app

The test starts here…

Transponder: ID47 chip

Select: ID47-HONDA G

Transponder: VVDI XT27

Put the XT27 transponder into the coil

detecting transponder…

the vvdi mini key tool version 1.1.1 is working

Transponder generation: success!

Again, go to transponder clone

Put the transponder into the coil position to detect

Type: transponder 47

Specific model: Toyota G

Specific chip: PCF7953x

ID: xxxxxxxx

Status: Unlocked

Blank or not: Blank

Clonable or not: Unclonable

All done!


(Thanks for Andrew)